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Why use ECert?

There are numerous ways in which ECert can execute the certification processes

For example, when certifying people — as opposed to technologies — the best programs often use a combination of written examination and in-person evaluation.

Given the above considerations, it makes financial sense — and saves time — to engage a third party to help set up your certification program. In addition to providing for a shared-cost infrastructure — whereby your organization benefits from pre-established processes used by other companies that have gone through the same experience — an independent, vendor-neutral third party also can help with planning for the evolution of the certification.

The chief benefit of certification is simple. A certification program creates a preference in the marketplace for people who have taken the time to do it right. When people or organizations have invested in themselves, their skills and their experience, it pays off. For you and your company in particular, becoming certified can be invaluable because it provides portable proof of your employees’ abilities.

Ultimately, developing a well-thought-out certification program helps an organization’s employees, customers and members advance the organization’s interests, as well as their own. It is arguably the best way to create confidence in the marketplace. It offers:

• Higher wages for employees in the form of bonuses, education assistance or higher salary.

• A more productive and highly trained workforce for employers.

• Prestige for the individual and a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals in the same field.

• Enhanced employment opportunities.

• Assisting employers in making more informed hiring decisions.

• Assisting consumers in making informed decisions about qualified providers.

• Establishment of a professional standard for individuals in a particular field.


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